Some real gems in this week’s weekly triple fix, Week Links.


Loving the work of London based creative Hetty Douglas this week after discovering her artwork for the Ed Scissor & Lamplighter album - Tell Them It’s Winter


Brighton Festival (7-29 May) is currently hosting the UK premier of The Sprawl. A project by award-winning artists and filmmakers Metahaven. The Sprawl argues that the internet has become a disruptive geopolitical super weapon. The Sprawl is potent propaganda about propaganda, an unbroken digital scream, and a paranoid trip into reality turned on its head. It has also been released as a website which features short cuts (shards”) from the final piece.


Last up is this great interview with Erik Kessels who discusses how designers, or even people, have become too risk averse, afraid of mistakes and how failure can encourage experimentation. The interview explores these themes which are part of his new book, Failed It - How to turn mistakes into ideas and other advice for successfully screwing up.



Japanese street photographer, Daido Moriyama has gained an international cult following for his uncompromising, high-contrast black and white shots of Tokyo’s bustling streets. This short from Italian director Andrea Cossu delves into the world of the master photographer’s often-overlooked color works.


If you’re passing Somerset House this weekend, drop in at the Horfee & Gasius show. As part of the ‘UTOPIA 2016: A Year of Imagination and Possibility’ the exhibition explores unsanctioned public art as an intrinsically utopian practice.


Paying tribute to the man, the myth, Charlie Bones took us through this morning with a 3 hour purple records special.


Peace, love & unity.



Nevermind that short hiatus whilst we were out of town... Week Links is back.


Steven Harrington, the LA-based artist, designer, and cofounder of National Forest, reflects on finding his voice, channeling his anxiety into art, and the search for honesty in a culture of perfection. 


Loved this project from Glasgow design studio O Street documenting the fascinating craft of roadlining. “There’s a pride involved in it, doing something that everybody’s going to use”


Co-founder of Secret7” Kevin King talks about the last five years of his event combining music, art and design for a good cause. Secret7” is currently hosted at Sonos Studios in Shoreditch if you’re passing.



Four whole days to do nothing but eat our own body weight in chocolate rabbits. If you’re not reading this in your pants you’re not doing it right. To delay doing anything too strenuous, here’s the latest clicks from Week Links. 


Levi’s are celebrating the story of their original 501’s by producing a three-part documentary; Work, Style and Rebellion.


If the consumption of 14 Dairy Milk’s gets the better of you, Brooklyn based Saskia Thode has got a possible remedy, Death Metal Yoga.


And whilst we’re on the gluttony theme, if you find yourself in North London in the near future, do yourselves a favour and drop into the new Turkish power house, Black Axe Mangal.




Time for that weekly triple fix, that’s right, Week Links is upon us.


BOF have a rare interview with James Jebbia on Supreme’s homegrown approach to global expansion. 


New open-source font platform; Open Foundry, is a well-put-together resource worth adding to your process.


Last up, here’s a pretty cool video of the lunar eclipse from a couple of days ago - might want to turn your speakers down though, the fella filming couldn’t STFU for any of it  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Spring is well and truly springing as we bounce headlong into March for the latest edition of Week Links. 


First up, if you’re looking to refresh your walls then BBH and Christie’s are giving you the chance to get your hands on an original artwork by some of the best contemporary graphic artists around. The auction 'She Lights Up The Night' will raise money for the charity Refuge and takes place March 10th.


Vice have launched their new television network VICELAND. Here’s a pukka rundown of the (un)branding put together by NY studio Gretel.


Lastly, this week saw the launch of the trailer and official release date for 21 Days Under The Sky. Directed by Michael Schmidt, the most anticipated motorcycle feature since 6Over follows four riders venturing across the US - roll on May 3rd.