Don’t call it a comeback but our weekly online shake-down is here again, that’s right, it’s Week Links episode 37. This week we’re bringing together the California hideaway of Nevin & Scarlett Pontious, a cracking visual index system, and of course, how could we not include a nod to the man himself.


Maybe it’s because it feels like we haven’t seen more than a couple of hours daylight for the past few months here in London. Or maybe it’s because this interview from Freunde Von Freunden featuring the Topanga Canyon home of Deus designer Nevin & makeup artist Scarlett Pontious is a genuine top item on the life goals list. Either way, it’s hit the spot for that winter daydream escapism.


It’d be fair to say we spend quite a lot of time addictively scrolling image tumblrs - but who could blame us when this notable addition to our list popped up from Jamie McLellan. A New Zealand based designer who has relaunched his downloadsfolder site with some classy design and functionality by Jarred Bishop.


If like us you’ve spent this week indulging in Bowie sounds 24/7, this a great little tribute on NTS from The Synth Hero Show.


Out to you  ★



Up this week, a new tome from The Vintage Showroom, 20 of the years best record sleeves and part 1 of the unmissable Epicly Later’d series with Ali Boulala.


The Vintage Showroom released their second book this week: An Archive of Menswear. Split into four chapters of Aviation & Motorsports, Tailoring and Dress Uniforms, Utility & Denim, Sportswear & Weatherwear, The Vintage Showroom have produced another flawless insight to the best pieces from their collection.


The Vinyl Factory have put together their 20 best record sleeve designs of the year. Taking into account more than just the cover image, some tidy examples here of quality process, hand-finished packaging, concept box sets and hidden flexi discs.


This week also saw the release of Part 1 of Epicly Later’d’s Ali Boulala episode. "You can see that he has not shut the door on the past. There is a picture of Shane Cross on his living-room wall, and it always hangs in the air. But Ali is moving towards putting his life back together, and I'm proud of him for that. This is a heavy episode, and I want to thank Ali for his honesty.” - Patrick O'Dell




What?! You heard us. It’s the weeks best top three clicks bought to you via the desks of studio Versus. A video series of the most influential creative talents, an editorial heavyweight champion and the debut solo show of a visual mastermind. Out to you.


For anyone that couldn’t attend Here London earlier in the year, all is not lost, those kind folks of INT have shared a series of videos featuring the lectures of some of the biggest talents who were knocking about on the day.


Graphic/Editorial designer, Mr Matt Willey has released a new typeface, NSW01. A tall, condensed, tightly kerned, headline typeface which features alongside some killer usage samples over on Matt’s site.


And if you're out about this weekend, Jamie Hewlett’s first exhibition is opening over at the Saatchi Gallery. A series of three visually distinct projects bought together to form The Suggestionists.




You're right, we did skip last week, got a little distracted carving up pumpkins and ruling at Wacko Jacko karaoke, and who could blame us. But here we are, back again, serving up three gems spotted over the last couple of days.


Crack+Cider, London’s first shop for the homeless, is a project to support the thousands of people sleeping rough on London's streets this winter. A store where you can choose from a selection of useful products which are then distributed before Christmas. As well as the online store, Crack+Cider are also featuring at the One Good Deed Today space on Kingsland Road throughout November.


So you’ve probably seen the identity work for Wellcome Collection’s new 'State of Mind’ season on your travels. INT spoke to Studio Hato about their approach to the creation of the campaign, a digital learning tool, and that epic drop shadow type.


Meanwhile, Resn have collated all their web experiments into one click-happy space – including a menu-scrolling mini-game and that unfolding timeline. Zang!




Blimey, don’t ask us where that week went. Friday has rolled around again, lunch is ordered and the beers are on ice. Which means it must be time for our weekly selection of top clicks. That's right, it's Week Links 33.


Showcasing the world's most progressive music, arts publishing, fashion and tech companies, Future Artefacts’ inaugural event opens at Shoreditch Studios this weekend. Founders Ben Freeman and Deano Jo, owners of Ditto Press and Real Gold respectively, gave the below statement about the event via press release:


"We established Future Artefacts to champion the producers of the most beautiful physical manifestations of media today. We’d like to encourage a future where anything that can be digital will be and where the only things that are produced are those that unite visionary content with the world’s best craftsmanship and production techniques. We felt that there was a gap to showcase these producers collectively in London and so we hope that Future Artefacts will provide this opportunity for increased access to, and discussion around, the artefacts of the future.”


Future Artefacts 2015 will take place at Shoreditch Studios from 23 - 25 October. Entry is free, and you can even register in advance to avoid queuing.


Meanwhile, over in west London, Courting The Rolling Stones is a collection of vintage photographs by late British photographer Michael Cooper covering the formative years of the band. "It's a chance to step back in time to the 60s, to the historical content of it all, but most of all to view some of the most truthful and intimate photos of the Stones you are ever likely to see.” Catch the show at Proud Chelsea till November 22nd.


Last up is a portrait of artist Felipe Pantone. A contemporary slash kinetic slash graffiti artist living in Valencia, Spain. Directed by Selina Miles a video director from Brisbane, Australia. Together, they celebrate their love of the internet and facts in this short film.



Keeping it local for this week’s Week Links - a little update from a few of our favourite British designers and brands.


To accompany a new exhibition of over 50 items from the Ken Stradling Collection curated by Margaret Howell, Inventory Magazine present a conversation between the collector and the designer. The short film offers a glimpse into Stradling’s modern design archive, and sees the pair discuss not only the origins, but also the depth and breadth of his collection. The show is running at Margaret Howell’s Wigmore Street store in London until Saturday November 15th, 2015.


British menswear designer, Ashley Watson, has updated his ‘A Life About Town’ series with a fifth instalment featuring James Kennedy – London based frame builder and founder of Kennedy City Bicycles.


David Hellqvist of Port Magazine talks to photographer John Spinks about this great series of layered compositions for the autumn collection of British menswear brand, Albam.