On the eve of a much needed long weekend its Week Links issue 26. This week we've listened in as Riff 170, Jester, Coco 144, Flint Gennari, and members of the Tats Cru reminisce about 1970’s graffiti in this 30-minute BBCR4 program, Graffiti: Kings on a Mission. 


A little less than a year after receiving $802,812 on Kickstarter for their New York City Transit Authority Standards Manual project, artists Jesse Reed and Hamish Smyth have returned to the crowdfunding platform to raise $158,000 for the Reissue of the 1975 NASA Graphics Standards Manual. The project has already blitzed this target and there is still 30 days for you to get on board.


Meanwhile, Jon Burgerman’s famous friends instagram has been our favourite follow this week. As Jon puts it, “I want to explore how we create public narratives for ourselves, and taking it to an extreme, absurdist level. I’m cranking up the FOMO, envy and anxiety”.



We’ve had this one in the works for the last couple of months – a brochure platform for a warehouse conversion in the Nine Elms Regeneration area - Embassy Works.


The vision for this building was to create a series of homes that are the antitheses of the glass towers that are starting to dominate the London skyline. Homes that offer the very best of contemporary design, but retain a genuine sense of individuality.


Our approach to this project focussed on showcasing the area's heritage alongside the stylish transformation of this collection of luxury loft apartments.



For this week’s Week Links we’ve got the epic fusion of digital art and coding A selection of playful and slightly addictive visuals from various talented coders. Also has a Chrome extension to drop a new doodle in each browser tab you open.


Sticking with screen news, a celebration of audio-visual DIY culture – JuiceVCR is a classy little platform built by antipattern feeding weird, wonderful, under-the-radar music videos straight to your desk. Zang.


There’s also a new show up at Lazarides Rathbone - London artist Lucas Price, formerly Cyclops, opened last night and makes his debut appearance with a major new solo exhibition entitled Dumb Poetry. Showing at 11 Rathbone Place, W1T 1HR till Sept 10th.



A brief hiatus there but Week Links is back. Between some full-on pitch work thats been keeping us busy of late, we’ve managed to get out and about in the sun - hopefully you’ve had the chance to escape too. If you’re planning an epic adventure this summer or getting the most out of a staycation, here’s three travel guides that should have you covered.


First up is On The Grid, created by Hyperakt, a design agency in Brooklyn. This ever-expanding, design-led guide taps into that power of local knowledge, district listings put together by selected creative companies and designers who represent their own neighbourhoods.


Not a new platform but one we’ve been fans of for a while is Guided by Cereal. Their city guides continue the expertly curated content and knock-out photography of the printed magazine.


Finally, Gestalten continue their travel series of books in collaboration with Monocle and the release of 'Tokyo: The Monocle Travel Guide Series', available now at the Monocle Shop.




Up this week, photographer Brian W Ferry has updated his portfolio and blog with some great selected shots from recent assignments in LA and Mexico. We spotted this interesting piece from The Verge profiling the founding team of The AWL, a platform that stands counter to the prevailing trends in the media industry, commenting skeptically on the conventions of the wider web while running a mix of stories that are both wide-ranging and unabashedly specific. Last up is some new work from Non-Format, the design for nyMusikk’s Only Connect Festival of Sound 2015, titled The Deep, exploring the substructures of sound and music.



Up this week is KK Outlet’s summer show. Commute Nice London - when most of us are taking to our bikes, and popping the windows or roof on our cars, if we have one – is inspired by our desire to turn hate-filled roads into happy roads.


We've been big fans of IYA Studio for a while. Really enjoyed their recent commission by Non-Plus to develop the brand identity and website to showcase their products and projects. Non-Plus was a collaborative project with Illustrator and Animator Jack Cunningham.


And finally we’ve just got around to catching director Scott Carthy’s ‘Hitters’, a FACT TV production which looks at the world of New York b-boy culture, from the godfathers of the movement to the current faces on the street dancing scene, tracing how it came about and examining the issues which could be bringing it to its demise.