For this week's Week Links we present a brilliant feature by profiling the pioneering London record label, Young Turks. The work of Accept & Proceed who collaborated with Rapha to create the data print for the new pro-team rider kits. And lastly a smart new tool we've been experimenting with to create digital prototypes, Precursor. 




Typing, typing, typing, we are always typing, we are always typing, RAWHIIIDE! Howdy partners, how’ve you been? It’s been a rodeo type of week over here on the range. New business meetings, project round-up meetings, breakfast meetings, meetings about meetings. If you’d like a meeting with us, just pop round, we’re getting pretty good at them. That said, we still managed to find a little time to swerve around the information superhighway to see what’s up. Here’s what we found for Week Links this week...


Jony Ive sat down with The New Yorker for a great feature on the Future of Apple. @whybray and @riklomas gave us all the opportunity to remix the Drake artwork and Jack White has released a three-into-one interactive video for ‘That Black Bat Licorice’. Same time next week? You got it. Have a good one.



What's up, Fraggle Rock? It's Friday again, and we all know what that means, don't we? That's right, it's time for another installment of Week Links. This week's Week Links begins with the relaunched platform for quarterly football and style publication, The Green Soccer Journal. They smashed it.


In other news, the dates for Here 2015 have been announced and we've snapped up our tickets for this annual event, curated by It's Nice That, which brings together some of the worlds best creative talent. Get involved.


What else? Well, how about Darkroom? – it's a new iOS photo editing app. We know, we know, you have loads of those, but this one is the real deal and might even be an alternative to the flawless VSCO cam. 




On this week's Week Links of the week we've been devouring a feature by Its Nice That and Represent who have got together and had a nose around 12 powerhouse digital design studios to meet some of the folks and discuss their practices and the ongoing prevalent themes in digital design. Independent Swiss type foundry Grilli Type have produced another stunning minisite for their new typeface GT-Cinetype thats not to be missed, and if that's enough pixels for one week then you could do worse than a jaunt over to KK Outlet who are hosting the premier solo show of self-proclaimed professional doodler Hattie Stewart.



It was the 29th anniversary of the Challenger disaster this week. So how could we not post some words from the great Carl Sagan. Used here to beautiful effect in the short film 'Wanderers', by Erik Wernquist. Meanwhile, back here on Earth you may have heard it's the planet's biggest sporting event on Sunday. Although we'd probably watch three hours of 'NFL Bad Lip Reading' quite happily as well. Before all that though, it's already the end of January! I know, didn't hang around for long did it? Unless you took up the challenge of dry January I guess. In which case big up yourself, you made it, now get yourself back out there. This short film 'Release' by The New British, who do stellar work documenting and celebrating modern British culture, should get you started. Good weekends all. More next week.



Our first completed project of the year is this new web platform for Lightbulb Pictures. We began working with Ben and Jessi in September, who asked us to build a digital platform that they could expand upon in the future. Lightbulb Pictures have worked on an exciting catalogue of productions since forming in 2012 and continue to align themselves with distinctive and compelling stories for screen. We applied their already established identity to a platform that could develop and adapt with their continued growth.