Out to Leon Bridges this week for a couple of tracks that have been on heavy rotation and seen us through the whirlwind of moving studios. Sure, its been a bit of a tangle, but one which doesn't seem so bad when compared to the logistics of creating a gif that's viewable from space, which is exactly what INSA seems to have managed in three days. There's still a mountain of cardboard boxes to unpack but we're getting back up to speed, and now with the added luxury of a bit of extra space. So it's been perfect timing to find the gem that is Fiera, a new independent biannual magazine by editor Katie Treggiden (Confessions of a design geek) and designer Jeremy Leslie (Magculture) which exists to discover new talent at the world's leading design fairs and help their ideas reach a wider audience. We'll try to keep you updated with Week Links each Friday, though I probably wouldn't set your watch by it. 'Til then.



Hard to believe it’s already been 12 months since we were moving our machines on to a couple of desks in the corner of a basement and signing the papers that meant we could call it a business. If time flies when you’re having fun then we’ve been having a lot of fun. It was no easy decision to leave the security of regular work, monthly cheques and big projects, yet being lucky enough to have the opportunity to step out alone and set our own path was a chance we couldn’t pass up. We didn’t know the exact details of what we’d be doing, who we’d be working with or what we could achieve. We had confidence in our product, an established process, and were prepared to do whatever it took to make it work, and that was enough, we hoped.


We always knew that essentially we’d be offering graphic design and digital development, but those are some pretty expansive areas. Our only plans were ensuring that the rent was covered for the first couple of months, securing the best tools for the job, taking every job we heard about and spending every hour we had building a portfolio we were proud of.


In reality UsVs had initially began in the previous year. We both have extensive agency experience, the nature of which engrains a thorough and structured approach to creative projects. We then began helping some friends set up their own ventures and off the back of those small projects word began to spread. Our side-projects became a big part of our total output. By November we had managed to reach the stage where we were able to consider making side-projects, the main-projects. In January ‘14 thats what we did.


Moving from the support of having project production teams of up to ten people, down to two of us handling the whole show inevitably meant we would both be tackling a lot of things for the first time. No matter how many articles and books we’d read about how its done (although they did help), there really was no substitution for just getting started. Instead of dwelling on the possible outcomes, we became more instinctive, drew a line, made the decision and moved on to the next. This clarity has kept us moving forward and even had a positive effect when applied to our creative process. 


Throughout this first year, having the support and working with friends like Carve, Inzenka, ThirtyThree and Lightbulb Pictures has been an inspiring experience. But it is undeniable that to become part of the One Big Company studio, who shared our vague vision in the early days and offered us the studio space to create what has become UsVs, has been an invaluable part of us still being here and able to write this one year on. 


Whatever uncertainties we had when starting out have long gone, replaced with new ideas, possibilities and potential for the future.


So here we are, one year young. We’ve come along way, and still only just beginning.