Some real gems in this week’s weekly triple fix, Week Links.


Loving the work of London based creative Hetty Douglas this week after discovering her artwork for the Ed Scissor & Lamplighter album - Tell Them It’s Winter


Brighton Festival (7-29 May) is currently hosting the UK premier of The Sprawl. A project by award-winning artists and filmmakers Metahaven. The Sprawl argues that the internet has become a disruptive geopolitical super weapon. The Sprawl is potent propaganda about propaganda, an unbroken digital scream, and a paranoid trip into reality turned on its head. It has also been released as a website which features short cuts (shards”) from the final piece.


Last up is this great interview with Erik Kessels who discusses how designers, or even people, have become too risk averse, afraid of mistakes and how failure can encourage experimentation. The interview explores these themes which are part of his new book, Failed It - How to turn mistakes into ideas and other advice for successfully screwing up.